Адреса:m. Poltava, vul. Zіnkіvska, 35
Телефон: +38 (050) 6721080

AGROENTERPRISE-M offers next services:
- Repair of scales of all types (automotive, warehousing, dairy, mechanical and electronic).
- Repair of pressure gauges technical, oxygen, EKSMO.
- Calibration of vertical and horizontal tanks.
- Services on metrological support of production in accordance with current normative-technical documents.
- Tank cleaning from oil residues.
- Maintenance of fuel-distributing columns (petrol, diesel);
- Repair meters SHZHU-25 SVSHS-25-25-1,6 PPO, PPO-40;
- Modernization columns and meters for remote management of PPH for GPS-Trekker;
- SMDK-50 SMDK 100;
- Trimming the inner walls of tanks from oil residues;
- Development and production of passport and passport filling the tank under the ”Rules of technical operation of gas stations”
- Metrshtoky, hydrometer, pumps;
- Calibration tanks.
- Sale of electronic scales
- Installation of electronic scales
- Sale and installation of electronic scales 40t., 60t., 80t.
- Sale and installation of railway scales.
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